Kara Jade Bancroft: Chi Dance

Kara Jade Bancroft

Clean Green Mind Body Soul Retreat
Kara Jade Bancroft lives in the Northern Territory of Australia and is a Reiki Grand Master-Teacher. Specialising in Energetic Healing, Spiritual Awakening & Activation Sessions, ‘Light Body’ Restorations along with Energetic & Mediumship Readings. Since the early years of childhood Kara recalls being able to see and feel energy within herself,  others, her surrounding landscapes and always had a strong compassion to help others. This sparked a curiosity to further her energetic understandings and pursue the studies of other different healing modalities.  Over the years Kara’s intimate relationship with spirituality  has now become her passion, facilitating a loving space for healing & spiritual ascension to take place. From the collaboration of her intuition and studies, Kara’s sessions offer unique and personalised healing to each individual.
Kara’s Sessions

Kara will be offering the following private sessions:


  • Reiki & Karuna Healing sessions – Healing the past & present energetic stories to bring about full alignment within our chakras
  • Spiritual Awakening & Activation sessions – Gently lifting the veil of consciousness & our visual perception for spiritual ascension
  • Light body Restorations – Healing and restoring the light body’s imprint system, repairing energetic fractures, blockages and past life imprints
  • Shiva/Shakti Activation’s – Introducing the kundalini energy to the Crown Chakra & activating the Sacral chakra creating a powerful, energetic container that can be easily accessed for: Excitement, Creativity, Arousal, Manifestation, Confidence, Sensuality and boundless vitality
  • Energetic & Mediumship Readings


1.5hr Healing & Activation Sessions CHF 120.-

1 hr Energetic & Mediumship Readings CHF 100.-


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